Affirmation for MOLTEX:

Awarded the “GREEN BRANDS” Quality Seal for the third year in succession for a convincing product concept: MOLTEX nature no.1

MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH has been awarded the internationally recognized GREEN BRANDS Seal of Quality for the third year in succession, and is entitled to use the seal in conjunction with the convincing and sustainable product concept for MOLTEX nature no.1 for the next two years.

The GREEN BRANDS Seal identifies brands that apply and exemplify the principles of climate protection, sustainability and the corresponding sense of environmental responsibility.

A group of independent institutions and business enterprises from the fields of sustainable management, environmental protection and climate protection award the GREEN BRANDS Seal on the basis of close and strictly regulated consultation with market and opinion research institutes. The award of the seal for the third time affirms the comprehensive commitment to living environmental protection on the part of MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH, a company with a long tradition.

The Seal of Quality is an important and reliable indicator for consumers, as the rapid growth of environmental awareness clearly shows that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important criterion when it comes to product selection.