MOLTEX nature no.1 – sustainability

MOLTEX nature no.1 is the environmentally friendly version of the disposable nappy. The principle of a respectful, responsible relationship with nature has the highest priority in all areas of our production system. We think it is important to show respect for our natural environment. For only by doing so can we ensure the next generations – the little nappy heroes of today and tomorrow – an environmentally sound future.  

We view resource conservation and environmentally sound action and management as a never-ending process of learning, changing and improving. In this section we offer you a look at our day-to-day work and activities:

The use of renewable raw materials
Renewable raw materials are largely CO2-neutral. Their use contributes to the conservation of fossil raw materials, such as petroleum and coal. Renewable raw materials include all plant and animal raw materials that are biologically renewable and not used for food or feed. When selecting raw materials, emphasis is placed on avoiding ecological risks, such as those associated with monocultures, soil depletion and the displacement of fields used to produce food. One of the renewable materials we use is wood (cellulose, absorbent material) certified in accordance with strict environmental standards. We rely on a 100% chlorine-free absorbent core (TCF) and use a tea-leaf extract to bind odours. And we use no natural latex or fragrances whatsoever.

The FSC seal
Cellulose harvested from sustainable forestry operations bearing the seal of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is used in the production of MOLTEX nature no.1. The FSC® seal represents an internationally recognized forest-management certification system based on globally applicable principles and criteria. The FSC standard prescribes that wood must come from forests that are managed in accordance with natural principles and reforested in an environmentally responsible manner. Endangered plant and animal species as well as the rights of native inhabitants and labourers are protected.  

Producing with 100% green electricity
In our view, resource conservation in production means dispensing with the use of conventional electrical power provided by such fossil fuels as gas, oil and coal or nuclear energy. Therefore, we use only green electricity in production.

Certified suppliers
We emphasize the importance of ensuring that our raw materials come from ethically, socially acceptable and responsible sources. Our suppliers are thoroughly audited before we agree to work with them. Our evaluations are based on strict compliance with social standards, effective environmental compatibility tests and assessments of environmental risks.

An environmentally sound quality assurance process
A quality assurance process based on principles of environmental awareness and responsibility always has the highest priority at MOLTEX. The need for continuous production and product monitoring poses a challenge in this context. That involves assessing environmental and social consequences and adapting them repeatedly to the most recent standards. These include such matters as reducing material consumption, optimizing energy use, managing waste and cutting down on toxic emissions in transport and logistics. Another important focus of activity is the energy management system, which offers new opportunities for energy savings, such as the use and replacement of energy-efficient engines and conversion to LED lighting.

The heart and driving force: our employees
Our employees are naturally the heart and driving forces of the company. We rely on a systematic, practice-oriented approach to staff development as well as training and continuing education measures. We emphasize the importance of promoting progressive improvements in the work-life balance through effective measures. It is also important for us to heighten awareness of sustainable values among the entire staff, and we naturally strive to set a good example. This is a process that can only be carried out together and in small steps.
Recognition for MOLTEX nature no.1: award of the GREEN BRANDS seal of quality for the third time in succession. GREEN BRANDS are brands that make a significant contribution to nature and the environment. They are produced in an environmentally safe manner, and act consistently and responsibly in support of the conservation of natural habitats and resources and the preservation of nature and a sustainable quality of life. The seal offers consumers a reliable standard and aid to orientation when it comes to selecting products.

Made in Germany
“Made in Germany” is recognized as a seal of quality and a promise of outstanding products.