Quality and a good feeling!

Bears are still among the most beloved furry friends of children today. They are cute and have been enchanting people both young and old for decades. But life in the wild is becoming increasingly difficult for bears. Because their original habitats are gradually being destroyed by large-scale deforestation, many bears now live in nature preserves and national parks, where they are protected by law.

Bears have always been part of children fantasy worlds thanks to stories, fairy tales and – not least of all – the beloved, cuddly plush teddy that still has a place as a comforting friend and patient listener in children’s bedrooms.

The bear is also an appropriate motif when it comes to bringing nature closer to children. A close relationship with nature and respect for nature and its resources are a major focus of attention at MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH.

In order to express this in visual form, we have decided to replace the PEANUTS motifs with images of a happy, adventurous little bear.

The MOLTEX bear will be curious and attentive as he observes the environment. He will dream, enjoy life and serve as a good friend and companion for our little nappy heroes.

Hello, I’m the MOLTEX bear!

You can see me on MOLTEX nature no.1, and I want to be your friend, for everyone should have a good friend! We’re going to be spending a lot of time together.
Did you know that MOLTEX nature no.1 is gentle to the skin and protects your sensitive little bottom because its properties provide for an ideal nappy climate?


Neither natural latex nor fragrances are used in these nappies. Their terrific skin-friendly quality is affirmed by the DERMATEST® seal. Good to know, right? And we have come up with something that helps make your skin feel even drier in the area in contact with our nappies. They have an absorbent core made of 100% chlorine-free cellulose (TCF), and bind odours with a special tea-leaf extract.

The three-ply absorber ensures rapid absorption of the liquid stored in the absorbent gel in MOLTEX nature no.1. Isn’t that wonderful?
It’s also important to make sure that your nappy doesn’t pinch! That’s why MOLTEX nature no.1 has an elastic waistband – guaranteed by our Comfort Stretch system. So all Mum and Dad have to worry about is selecting the nappy size that fits you best. After all, things can get a bit uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right size!

So what do you think? Can we be friends?