Sustainable, ecological, professional

Up to 50% of the raw materials used in MOLTEX nature no. 1 are renewable. We use cellulose derived from wood and guarantee that the cellulose processed in our products comes from sustainable forestry operations involving continual reforestation.

Our renewable raw materials are certified by the FSC seal.

Is FSC a tropical wood certification?
The FSC certificate applies to all types of wood and is recognized world-wide.

What is FSC?
FSC is an international forest management certification system which guarantees that wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests. Certified forest management systems must conform to environmental and social standards.

How does a forest managed in accordance with FSC standards look?
In a forest managed in accordance with FSC standards, trees to be used in the production of wood and paper products are harvested in such a way that the negative impact on forest flora and fauna – and thus the entire ecosystem – is minimized to the extent possible. FSC-certified forest management is devoted to protecting the people, plants and animals that live in the forest.

What do the letters “FSC” stand for?
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This Council is concerned with sustainable forest management. The FSC was established by environmental advocacy organizations like the WWF, the wood processing industry, local population groups and woodland owners – in other words, by all groups that have a sustained interest in forest conservation. The ecological function remains intact.

Is FSC-certified wood of higher quality?
The quality of FSC-certified would is exactly the same as that of uncertified wood. The only difference is that certification guarantees that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests and has not been harvested through illegal clearing operations or from protected forest areas.

Is FSC certification credible?
Yes. The FSC logo appears only on products which contain wood harvested from FSC-Certified forests. This claim is guaranteed by the requirement that every forestry operation and every company involved in the production and marketing of the wood must be certified and audited by independent organizations at regular intervals – annually in most cases.

Non-woven cover
The non-woven cover also contains 40% renewable raw materials.