Crafting, assembling, colouring.

This section contains instructions for making a number of interesting and amusing objects. You and your child can create fun and interesting figures and combine them with each other.
Depending on his or her age, you can get your child involved and introduce the different tools. You will also find pages with coloring motifs for very small and especially creative children. If you wish, you can combine individual motifs to form colorful groups of figures.
We wish you lots of fun doing handicrafts with your child.


Freddy the bee

Buzz, buzz, buzz … Freddy the bee invites you to spend an hour or so of singing and handcrafting. But be careful – you could get stung!

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Max the Bunny

Crafting, coloring, playing. Max the bunny is father to lots of baby bunnies. Use the craft pattern and coloring page and create a whole bunny family!

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Yolanda the Chickadee

All the birds are gathered now! But where is the chickadee! Yolanda is still missing. Make this funny little winged acrobat with your child.

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Theo the Parrot

Wouldn’t everyone want to have a parrot for a friend? Theo is a cheeky little bird, but once he’s put in shape, he’s easy to take care of.

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