Rhymes, finger plays and lullabies

When bathing or changing nappies, at mealtimes or just before the good-night kiss, finger plays, cuddling games and nursery rhymes offer wonderful opportunities to make your child feel happy. Cuddling, tingling, tickling and laughing are always fun and help build a relationship of trust with your baby. And they can be important learning experiences, especially for very small children. Try it – your child’s hearty laughter will be a lasting reward. However, if you want to calm your child at bedtime, make sure these little games are gentle and comforting.


Head and shoulders, knees and toes

This is a wonderful finger play which helps your baby to learn and an older child to name her or his body parts.

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Hickory, Dickory Dock

Your baby will enjoy watching you and tickling him or her.

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If you're happy and you know it

You can easily improve this cheerful song further. It's also nice to sing and play it on a trip and sing about things along the road.

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Baa Baa Black sheep

This is a wonderful short rhyme you can sing over and over again. You're baby won't tire of it!

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