The history of the world’s first eco-nappy


MOLTEX Eco is launched as the world’s first unbleached panty nappy, marking the birth of the world’s first eco-nappy: MOLTEX Eco.
MOLTEX Eco has since become an established brand in the eco-nappy segment.


A study on organotin compounds commissioned by Greenpeace identifies only four products (out of ten) as free of hazardous substances. Three of these are MOLTEX products.



The “white MOLTEX Eco” replaces the unbleached MOLTEX eco-nappy.



The acquisition of the PEANUTS license makes MOLTEX the first nappy associated with this fun factor for parents and children alike – visually appealing, original and loveable.


MOLTEX Eco presents itself in a new look. The brand is standardized for the international market and given a new name based on its recognized status as the world’s first eco-nappy: MOLTEX nature no. 1

MOLTEX nature no.1 is treated with tealeaf extract as a natural odour binder. Product features are rigorously optimized.