Louise the Butterfly

Louise is a rare lady butterfly from the genus Papyrus flatterix. Clever handcrafters and colorists can find her origins here.

1 toilet paper tube
1 pair of children’s scissors
Handcrafting paste or glue stick
1 pipe-cleaner (black)
1 dull darning or punching needle
Yarn or nylon thread for hanging

Craft pattern: “Louise the Butterfly”
Craft pattern: “Louise the Butterfly” coloring page


  1. First, print out the craft pattern on two sheets of paper (DIN-A4). Make sure your printer is set to 100% (see print menu).
  2. Cut out the individual parts (or let your child cut them out).
  3. You can then glue the body (1) around the surface of the toilet paper tube.
  4. To attach the antennae, cut two short slits along the drawn lines. Bend a piece of pipe-cleaner into a “U” and insert it into the slits.
  5. Using a dull darning needle or a punching needle, carefully cut a small hole at the position marked in the middle of the toilet paper tube. Then you can draw a thread through the hole to hang the bee. Tie several knots on the inside end of the thread to prevent the thread from slipping out.
  6. Glue the face (2) to the end of the toilet paper tube after you have attached the antennae. To do this, fold the three tabs down along the dotted lines and glue them to the edge of the toilet paper tube.
  7. Glue the rear section (3) of the butterfly to the other end of the toilet paper tube in the same way.
  8. Glue the front and back sides of the wings together (4a + 4b und 5a + 5b).
  9. Fold the tabs on the wings upward along the dotted lines. Glue the wings on the right and left sides of the butterfly’s body.
  10. And now you’re finished!

Once your child has chosen a craft pattern to color, he or she should color the individual parts before cutting them out. That will help prevent the smaller parts from tearing or creasing during coloring.

Why not make a colorful mobile with the butterfly and her flying friends?