Mobile "Flying friends"

Freddy and Louise race againts Theo and Yolanda - who's the best flyer? A mobile is most decorative in every child's room and encourages story-telling.

Materials (summary)
4 toilet paper tubes
1 pair of children’s scissors
Handcrafting paste or glue stick
1 dull darning or punching needle
Yarn or nylon thread for hanging
1 pipe-cleaner (black)
pieces of drawstring
Handcrafting feathers

Additional materials:



  1. Craft the four flying friends as described in the following instructions
  2. Tie the four finished flying animals to the branch - side by side but at different heights.
  3. All you need now is a length of string to attach the mobile to the ceiling, Just tie a sufficient long piece of string to each end of the branch.
  4. Hang it up and you're done!

Take a walk through the woods and you’ll find plenty of branches on the ground. Select the one you want. It should be strong enough, but not too heavy.