Constantine the Caterpillar

It’s quite easy to make a colorful caterpillar out of pebbles. And with a little imagination and skill, you can transform the caterpillar into a butterfly, a bird or even a little man. The colorful stones can also accompany your child when he or she goes outdoors to play after handcrafting.

About 12 flat, light-colored pebbles; diameter: 3.5 cm
Yellow, blue, red and white acrylic paint
Transparent varnish

Handcrafting aids:
Brushes (in different thicknesses)
Cups filled with water

Instructions for “Constantine the Caterpillar”

1. If the pebbles are dirty, wash off the dirt before painting and dry them thoroughly before painting. 

2. Paint each pebble with one of the colors or a mixture of two colors.

Here are a few tips for mixing:

red + yellow = orange
blue + yellow = green
red + blue = purple
red + white = pink 

3. When the basic colors are dry, paint a face on the largest pebble. The other stones can be decorated with stripes or spots. You can use a brush or your finger. The prettiest spots are made when you dip your finger into the paint and then dab the stone with your fingertip. (Caution: Do not stick fingers covered with paint in your mouth. Wash your hands thoroughly after you’re finished painting!)  

4. To make sure children will have lots of fun with the pebbles, brush or spray them with clear, water-based varnish after drying. 

5. Once the varnish is dry you can make lots of great figures with the colored stones. Turn the little caterpillar into a butterfly, for example!

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