Max the Bunny

Crafting, coloring, playing. Max the bunny is father to lots of baby bunnies. Use the craft pattern and coloring page and create a whole bunny family!

1 empty toilet paper tube
1 pair of children’s scissors
Handcrafting paste or glue stick
1 small piece of drawstring
Some cotton wool

Craft pattern: “Max the Bunny”
Craft pattern: "Max the Bunny” coloring page


  1. First, print out the craft pattern on two sheets of paper (DIN-A4). Make sure your printer is set to 100% (see print menu).
  2. Cut out the individual parts (or let your child cut them out).
  3. You can then glue the body (1) around the surface of the toilet paper tube.
  4. Fold the ears (2) downward along the dotted line and glue them together, so that you have a colored front and backside. Glue the finished ears to the upper edge of the toilet paper tube from the inside.
  5. Fold and glue the arms (3) in the same way. Glue the arms to the right and left sides of the bunny's body.
  6. Cut two lengths of drawstring (2 cm each) to make the whiskers. Wrap a piece of tape around one end of each piece and fray the other end a little. Glue or tape the whiskers to the bunny's face.
  7. For the bunny's bobtail, roll a bit of cotton into a small ball. You know where the tail goes. Just glue it on!
  8. All done!

Once your child has chosen a craft pattern to color, he or she should color the individual parts before cutting them out. That will help prevent the smaller parts from tearing or creasing during coloring.