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MOLTEX nature no.1

1 Newborn

Quantity: 23 pieces
2-4 kg
40 % renewable raw materials

Special Newborn absorbent
A hole protects baby's sensitive navel


Gentle to the skin

The skin-friendliness of MOLTEX nature no. 1 is a high standard. We guarantee compliance with this standard by ensuring that all raw materials used in the production of MOLTEX nature no. 1 are regularly tested by independent laboratories.

Dry to the touch

The 3-layered MOLTEX nature no. 1. absorber ensures rapid liquid absorption. The absorbent gel in MOLTEX nature no. 1 stores the liquid and ensures that areas of skin in contact with the nappy remain largely dry.

Comfort Stretch

The elastic waistbands in the Comfort Stretch system in MOLTEX nature no. 1 guarantee perfect fit.


The completely breathable clothing protection film – which contains no natural latex or fragrances – ensures effective nappy ventilation.