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MOLTEX’s sustainability strategy reaffirmed once again with the “GREEN BRANDS” seal

MOLTEX earned the “GREEN BRANDS” seal for MOLTEX nature no.1 first awarded in 2013 in the Products category once again in 2014.

MOLTEX is now entitled to display this seal of quality with a star symbolizing successful revalidation for another two years. GREEN BRANDS awards the GREEN BRANDS seal of quality in cooperation with other independent institutions and companies as well as market and opinion research institutes in the field of environmental/climate protection and sustainability.
The award honours “green” brands designed for everyday use which respond to the increasingly popular awareness of the need for more sustainability, environmental protection and a healthier lifestyle or have been devoted to these objectives from the outset.
In this unique way, GREEN BRANDS recognizes the commitment of these brands to climate protection, sustainability and responsibility for the environment.