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Award winning product concept of MOLTEX nature no. 1

MOLTEX takes 2nd place in the competition for the International ECOCARE Award for sustainability


left to right: Axel  Graumann, MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH,  Bettina Röttig, Lebensmittel Praxis, Rolf Schumacher, Bürgermeister Mayen, Susanne Lucka, PR Lucka & Langen, Heiner Putzier, Natalie Thielen, beide MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH und  Reiner Mihr, Lebensmittel Praxis


Mayen, 23 Sept. 2014 -  The 2014 ECOCARE Award, an international prize for sustainability, was conferred by the industry journal Lebensmittel Praxis in Neuwied on 22 September. ECOCARE is an annual competition for the food trade, the food industry and related service providers. Sustainability concepts submitted by participating organizations are evaluated by an expert jury during a three-month review and assessment phase. Three applicants are nominated in each of two categories: “Products” and “Projects”.  

MOLTEX places 2nd ahead of EDEKA Südwest and behind Henkel
The nominees for the final round in the “Products” category were Henkel, Edeka Südwest Fleisch and MOLTEX. Henkel took 1st place with its “Taft Volumen Powder” product concept. The organic meat from farms certified by Bioland submitted for consideration by Edeka Südwest Fleisch placed 3rd.

2nd place for MOLTEX nature no.1
Activities in support of MOLTEX nature no. 1, the first nappy developed with a focus on environmental impact and sustainability, go far beyond the production process. The MOLTEX nature no.1 eco-nappy was given a new look in 2012, and a project devoted to achieving international brand uniformity is currently in progress.  
An innovative process now ensures improved odour absorption in MOLTEX nature no.1. The base ingredient is still a natural odour absorber derived from a green tea leaf extract.
MOLTEX nature no.1 consists of 40 to 50 percent renewable raw materials.
An important criterion for the selection of raw materials is the need to avoid ecological risks, including those associated with monocultures, soil leaching and the displacement of food growing areas. Among other materials, MOLTEX uses wood (cellulose, absorbent materials), a renewable raw material that is rigorously inspected and tested. The cellulose used in MOLTEX nature no.1, unlike that used in conventional nappies, is bleached without chlorine (TCF process).
The quality assurance process in keeping with the principles of environmental awareness and responsible action has top priority for MOLTEX. One of the challenges this poses is that of continuous monitoring of products and production. Environmental and social impacts are analysed, and corresponding measures are continually adapted and updated in compliance with the latest standards. These include, among others, measures designed to reduce material consumption, optimize energy use, manage waste effectively and cut down on hazardous substance volumes in transport and logistics.

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