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MOLTEX earns new international GREEN BRANDS award

MOLTEX nature no.1 receives GREEN BRANDS seal which has been awarded in Germany for the first time

From left to right: State Secretary Dr. Thomas Griese (Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nutrition, Viniculture and Forestry, State of Rhineland-Palatinate), Christian Freund (International Sales & Marketing Manager/MOLTEX) Heiner Putzier (Manager Sustainability and the Environment/MOLTEX), Norbert Lux, (Chief Operating Officer GREEN BRANDS) and Wolfgang Treis (Mayor, City of Mayen)

MOLTEX earns new international GREEN BRANDS award

  • Seal of quality for ecologically sustainable enterprises/products/services
  • Product: award for MOLTEX nature no.1
  • Ceremony in Mayen
  • First award in Germany
  • Rigorous evaluation and selection by an independent jury of highly qualified experts

Mayen, 10 September 2013  -  MOLTEX Baby-Hygiene GmbH of Mayen has been awarded the GREEN BRANDS seal of quality in the Products category for MOLTEX nature no.1.

Ceremony at MOLTEX
On Monday, 9 September 2013, Norbert Lux, (Chief Operating Officer, GREEN BRANDS) presented the international award to MOLTEX, represented by Christian Freund (International Sales & Marketing Manager) and Heiner Putzier (Manager Sustainability and the Environment) in Mayen. The official ceremony was attended by State Secretary Dr. Thomas Griese (Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Nutrition, Viniculture and Forestry, State of Rhineland-Palatinate) and Wolfgang Treis, Mayor of the City of Mayen.

1. World’s first eco-nappy made of environmentally friendly raw materials

MOLTEX has occupied a niche in the highly competitive business environment by virtue of its sound environmental policy and the use of renewable raw materials. The first unbleached panty-nappy – the “MOLTEX ÖKO” – was produced in 1991, thus making MOLTEX a pioneer in the industry, although this eco-product was not in tune with the spirit of the time. Yet preferences with respect to nappies have changed noticeably in recent years under the influence of growing environmental awareness among consumers. The task of meeting the environmental challenges facing brands and products has been delegated to the producer. Since launching production of the first eco-nappy, MOLTEX has continuously and consistently exploited the potential for optimization through a number of measures. The revamped “MOLTEX nature no. 1” brand and product concept was developed in 2013. The new concept embodies the claim “THE WORLD’S FIRST ECO-NAPPY. Good for your baby. Good for the environment”.

First award in Germany
The seal of quality is awarded by an independent international brand marketing organization based in Ireland. Unique in the world, the three-stage process of selecting ecologically sustainable brands involves the evaluation of enterprises, products and services. The seal was developed in close cooperation with international partners. SERI (the Sustainable Europe Research Institute), ALLPLAN (Gesellschaft für Energie- und Umweltmanagement) and Ipsos, the world’s largest market research institute, played instrumental roles in developing the evaluation process.
The new GREEN BRANDS award is now protected by patents in some 30 countries. It is issued for only two years, after which it must be renewed through a new process. The seal has now been awarded in Germany for the first time. Other winners in Germany besides MOLTEX include Frosch, SolarWorld, AlmaWin, alverde Naturkosmetik, PRIMAVERA, Apollinaris, the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda, Kneipp, Gerolsteiner, the Scandic Hamburg EMPORIO Hotel and GOGREEN (Deutsche Post DHL).

GREEN BRANDS demonstrate responsibility for nature and the environment
The enterprises, products and services that display the GREEN BRANDS seal are characterized by a responsible approach to the natural environment. Everyday “green brands” are evaluated. The seal of quality serves consumers as reliable indicator of a company’s policies and working methods. The seal offers consumers a dependable standard and an aid to orientation in product selection. The GREEN BRANDS seal was first awarded in Austria in 2011/2012.

Nomination and validation procedures and selection criteria
Nominations for GREEN BRANDS can be submitted by interest groups, NGOs, media partners (as in the case of the “Sustainable Management and ECO World” forum) or on the basis of a representative market research study written by Ipsos. Candidates are selected for nomination from 60 categories. In the second stage, the SERI Sustainable Europe Research Institute and ALLPLAN review the documentation submitted by the nominees according to strictly defined standards. Such criteria as raw material selection, transport, production methods and waste recycling and disposal are evaluated. The final decision is then taken in the third stage by a jury composed of highly qualified experts. The jury members are representatives of the business and scientific communities, the media, agencies and environmental protection associations.
MOLTEX successfully completed all of the processes required for GREEN BRANDS and is now entitled to display the seal. All firms awarded the GREEN BRANDS seal in Germany are also listed in an exclusive book by GREEN BRANDS Germany to be published on 27 November. 

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