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Made in no time: Jokers made from socks

Here you’ll find a few colourful crafting templates for sock puppets as demonstrations. Together with your child you can make amusing animals and then send them off on adventures.
Depending on their age, you can include your child in the process and take them through the different work stages. Take particular care when working with a glue gun!
We hope you have a fun time doing arts and crafts together with your child.


It is very easy to use arts and crafts to make funny puppets to stir the imagination from old socks. Whenever the finished sock puppets go off on...


Molly Velvetpaw, the cuddly cat

Cats can of course look entirely different from one another: single-coloured, spotted or striped. What they usually all have in common however is a...


Auntie Quack, the cheeky duck

The bright yellow, happy duck always has lots to say. Auntie Quack rarely ever minces her words when she does.


Woof Slobbermouth, the long-eared dog

Dogs can look entirely different from one another, but what they usually all have in common is a big nose.


Chris Crocster, the gentle monster

Crocodiles aren’t that monstrous, some are even very cuddly.